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So you want to buy a Giraffe? At Giraffine we have a whole-care solutions for you.

 Available Breeds

Private Ownership


Depending on the age of the Giraffe, you can expect to pay from 30,000.00 to 120,000.00$ USD. To own a giraffe requires a commitment to the animal in care and support. At Giraffine many of these services are included with purchase(*see below.) If you have concerns about Giraffe boarding or breeding click here to contact us. If you are no longer able to care for your giraffe please visit our Giraffe adoption support page.






What we provide additional services included that cover:

  • Transportation and relocation.
  • Local and State “Exotic animal” regulatory support.
  • Local and State Animal Licensing assistance.
  • 2 day Care and training seminar post purchase.
  • Nutrition and Dietitian consultation. (*provided free for one year)
  • Giraffe care kit (549.00$ USD value.)
  • Giraffine expert environment consultation. (*provided free for one year)
  • Private Giraffe selection meeting with team.
  • 24/7 On-call veterinary support. (*provided free for one year)
*With Giraffe purchase, after 12 months option to continue billing for care.

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Zoo’s and exhibitions

*Special rates for “giraffe-ready” environments.

  • Private transportation discount. (Fee waived.)
  • Giraffe breeding available: Click here to contact us.
  • Expert advice and consultation for enclosures.
  • Flora selection advise and sourcing.
  • Multiple giraffe volume discount.


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